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    ISO Partnership

    Can anyone suggest some lenders who work with small businesses having sales around $5k apart from clearfund, bitty and vader ? Thanks

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    I've used FOX for some of my smaller deals. Dan Cage is pretty quick to respond.

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    dan cage at fox is a beast
    also lcf and wide eat up those deals

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    Loving all the love that's happening in this thread rn - thanks guys

    Global369 feel free to reach out to me to discuss how I can come in clutch for you! 5k is a bit low on the revenue side but I can do 3-4k deals

    Daniel Cage
    Funding Coordinator | Fox Business Funding
    (347) 308-7788 - Partner with us today!

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    Been a few years since I've worked any MCA deals but my go to for these smaller deals was always ECG. They fund larger deals as well. I had a buddy fund a deal for about $250k and it went smooth as butta. They sent him a nice card and a pretty sweet ECG t-shirt.

    Don't play in the MCA space much anymore so no horse in the race here, just my 2 cents.
    Joshua Parrish | SLIM Capital
    (415) 938-4977 |

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    We look for $10K+ in monthly revenue, if you're looking for a funder for those type of deals, I would like the opportunity to fund your deals.
    Paul Boxer
    Director ISO Relations

    Cell: (516) 805-9209

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    Thank you everyone for your suggestions, I'll definitely reach out to recommended companies, more suggestions are welcome !!

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    We fund mca's and consolidations at Mr. Advance. Small office, no salesteam/callcenter. Looking to build long term relationships. Check out our criteria, I'm sure there's an area we could be of benefit to you.
    James Richards
    ISO Relations Manager
    Mr. Advance

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