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    Internet Marketing Lead Generator Looking For Partner

    Hi, I am an internet marketer who has worked in the business loan space since 2013. In early 2020 lending abruptly stopped with the pandemic and I ended my lead generation. I am currently interested in re-starting business loan marketing and I would like to know any referral programs where I can send business owners/decision makers for follow up, conversion, and a split of the commission paid to me. I do not have any experience in the lending space other than generating qualified leads. I would like to work with partners who handle all aspects of the follow up and funding while I concentrate completely on getting large numbers of qualified leads to call in or submit a web form. My marketing is mainly through direct email contact and opt-in email list funnels. I am experienced in handling all aspects of marketing compliance, privacy policies, landing page forms, and I have my own CRM that I can link to yours. I also have my own web domains and landing pages ready to go. Pre-pandemic I was generating between 30-60 leads per month and I possibly can do even more.

    If you are interested in my business loan lead referrals, please let me know the state of the industry from your experience, and some estimate of a typical range of revenue per lead right now.

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    Cronius thanks - lets talk

    Gilbert at
    647 787 6231

    Call me anytime Eastern time of course thanks

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    I would love to have the opportunity to speak with you.

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    Lets Talk, I like the concept
    Frank Flores

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