I Recently funded a deal for this company Capitalize Funding owned by Melissa Burtts it was our first deal that we funded with them.
The Merchant blocked payments after about a week or so. I reached out to her and told her that I will have to clawback commission unless she can work something out with the Merchant to get him back on track or to work out a payment plan.
She asked me if she can send me a wire at the end of the week instead of pulling an ach from her account which i agreed to and obviously she didn't.

Long story short She never sent me the money and she blocked my Ach pulls and claimed that there was a mix up with the bank and they thought it was fraud...
I tried again after she said it was cleared up with the bank and she blocked it again. Then she said she will wire me the money but never did and just started ignoring all my calls and emails.

Question is being that she signed an ISO agreement is there anyway to force her to send the commission back?

How do you guys deal with ISO's who do this?