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    Help Wanted! Looking for an Underwriter - Prince Fund Group

    We are looking for an underwriter to head all underwriting for Prince Funding.

    Funding Details:

    - Min/Max Funding 10k-500k
    - Funding terms 3-7 Months
    - 15k Avg revenue
    - 2nd - 8th Positions
    - NO Min Credit Score
    - Compete 2nd - 4th Tier
    - Funding defaults, judgments, anything that makes $!

    Please give me a call or shoot me an email if interested. Pay, hours, etc. will be discussed over phone and/or email.
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    can we get paid in rolexes

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    Hey Jake, I know a few. email me -

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    About time you guys get someone that has a clue. Every deal I’ve seen you in is between 20-50k 1.499 40 days and your daily payment puts merchants at 75% debt servicing… guess you’re realizing that doesn’t work for long.

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