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    Crypto / Bitcoin positions - Anyone lend against them?

    Does anyone lend or know someone that lends against Crypto / Bitcoin positions?

    Thanks for any intro.

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    Is this individual a miner or a trader? I'd be open to considering the deal

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    They are an investor.

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    I'd be open to the deal

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    Wondering why they dont go to Curve or Blockfi or Aave...

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    if merchant sends bitcoin to our wallet, ill lend against it with a stop loss in place.

    feel free to call me 929-605-4130

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    Tough to lend against Bitcoin because you can't do a smart contract with it yet (though a few firms are working on this). But you can lend against any ERC-20 token (i.e. any crypto built on Ethereum network). You would just do an 60-70% advance, and program in the smart contract to liquidate if the crypto moves X% down (or give them 24 hours to pledge more collateral). Some big names are working on this now, it will be prevalent soon.
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