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    Purchase Order / Project Funding

    We are looking for financing for a purchase order.

    About the merchant:
    Product manufacturer working with a large retailer for a long time selling them 7 SKU's with the manufacturers branding on it, Recently this large retailer changed the way they operate and is moving from having outsiders branded products to having everything Private Labeled (their own branding). so due to the change they slowed down ordering for a bit to sell out the stock from the manufacturers branding which in turn made our merchants (the manufacturers) revenue dip. Now the retailer placed an order with their own branding and for 12 SKU's.

    The order is 1.5 million dollars
    We are looking for $500k
    the fulfillment of the order will be in this order with 30 days in between each:
    Looking for 6 months
    the merchant will not be able to make daily payments
    like an MCA

    SALES 2021
    Jan: $597,432.54
    Feb: $644,315.92
    Mar: $317,615.07
    Apr: $429,418.91
    May: $382,008.60

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    Hi kash, pm sent

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