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    Post 40k deal needed

    Merchant makes about 30k, looking for a 2nd pos for 40k behind FDM. Can be done today!!! Help me out here. Have all info on file.

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    sounds like about a 7 to 10k file at max

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    Quote Originally Posted by harvey View Post
    sounds like about a 7 to 10k file at max

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    Based on what you wrote I doubt we could do 40k all at once, but we may be able to put together a deal that makes sense. Feel free to shoot it over to and I'll get on it right away.

    Ari Finkelstein
    VPS Capital Funding

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    I can help! Our sweet spot is 2nd and 3rd pos. Email me at

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    shoot it over to

    Best Regard,

    Mark Cohen

    Funding Director

    Bridge Funding Cap LLC

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