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    Probate Loan Solutions for California Real Estate

    North Coast Financial is a private money lender that provides probate loan solutions in California with real estate as collateral. Heirs and beneficiaries are able to borrow against their estate and use the funds for various purposes. Beneficiaries often use a short-term probate loan for paying off other beneficiaries to keep the property, taking care of debts or expenses of the estate or making repairs to a property owned by the estate before selling it.

    The estate must own real estate in California and it must have enough existing equity based on the needed loan amount. The estate loan is recorded against the real estate with a note and deed of trust as with a traditional mortgage. The probate administrator must have full authority and all heirs must agree upon the loan being placed against the real estate. All heirs will need to sign a notice of proposed action. Up to 70% loan to values are available and the time to fund the probate loan is usually less than 1.5 weeks.

    Contact North Coast Financial (California hard money lender) for additional information.

    North Coast Financial, Inc.
    2424 Vista Way #202
    Oceanside, CA 92054
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