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    Looking for line of credit funders and other types of funding programs other thanmca

    LOOKING FOR LINE OF CREDIT FUNDERS AND OTHER TYPES OF FUNDING PROGRAMS OTHER THAN MCA'S. We fund mostly MCA's but we offer every type of lending there is. We get a lot of first position A paper or high risk not a lot in between. We only have headway and idea for LOC's now that bluevine is only doing PPP and Idea never approves anything and headway isn't bad but it only gives us 1 LOC option on files. If you are a direct lender I would be happy to work with you. We are a growing company, right now I only have 2 seasoned reps and 2 new reps (just started last week) but we fund about 500k in MCA's per month per rep, have a 50% closing ratio and a 90% renewal rate because of how we do business which is the honest, transparent and fair way, which is why our clients stick with us and only use us for lending once we fund the first deal with them.

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    Try ARF Financial. Sent you an email too. Would be happy to talk with you.

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