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    Looking For MCA Closer / Sales Agent

    Looking to bring on a new sales agent / closer to work remotely.

    Holloway Funding Group is a small shop that is rebuilding since COVID. Looking for self motivated experienced sales reps. Our CRM & Dialer are all accessible remotely so you have the freedom to work from home with Centrex & Bluerock. It is a turn key opportunity to jump onto the system and start generating MCAs!

    We will offer a draw VS commission for experienced reps to get through the transition of moving to a new company. And offer very aggressive commissions for self generated and company generated deals.

    Questions or interest can be directed to

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    Still looking for a couple more solid & motivated sales reps!

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    Still looking to add on a couple of agents. I will explain a little better our commission structure, and what we expect out of a closer...

    Commission Based Pay:
    Closed Transaction (MCA, Equipment Finance, CRE, etc.) 50%/50% Standard Split - This is for a deal you open & close. Meaning you sent the application out on the dialer, collected the documents, and closed the offer to fund!

    Now what about your existing clients, people you have funded for years that would end up funding with us? For those clients, we pay 70%/30% Split Since you have invested the time & energy into that relationship, and we didn't pay to market to them, we give you 70%!

    These Commission Splits Are Assuming You Do Not Expect A Weekly Draw. If A Weekly Draw Is Required Splits Will Be Slightly Different.

    Onto Expectations. There will be no micromanagement, nobody breathing down your neck with a remote position. But you will be expected to work 5 days per week or more. You will be expected to use the dialer on a daily basis and send out applications. There is no minimum call time, or minimum number of dials per day, just an expectation that there will be production, if there isn't we probably are not a good fit.

    Questions or interest can be directed to

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    We are still looking for more good salespeople! Just an idea of the type of deals we focus on:

    MCA's - our bread and butter

    Commercial Mortgage - 30yr No Doc Purchase & Refinance

    Personal Loans - For the folks with good credit and low revenue

    Equipment Finance - When an MCA isn't the right fit

    We offer a few other options as well. The point being, we want to convert each client we see. And we want to provide the best option for their situation.

    If you are an MCA Sales Professional that is looking for a remote position with high commission splits, reach out!

    Questions or interest can be directed to

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    Need help reaching potential customers? Do the job of 10 salespeople - using our 2 way SMS marketing system, you can send thousands of customized and personalized blast text messages every hour.
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