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    B2 Capital looking for closer - New office south Miami

    As a company in the financial services industry B2 Capital strive to empower and support the backbone of the economy which is the small to medium size businesses. We are growing and looking for ambitious, take charge individuals to come on board. These candidates will have proven commission based sales experience and show potential for leadership or have lead a team of sales people in the past. He/she would have the drive to grow with the company and eventually be able to take on the responsibility to show others the same path.

    Candidates will be responsible to get in touch with business owners provided through our lead system (no cold calling), closing their own deals, oversee agents on the floor, and close the deals of Junior executive assigned under him/her. This is a position which requires someone with experience in closing deals in the cash advance industry, as well as someone with leadership/management experience.

    We have a huge potential for growth and we are looking for someone who will share the culture we have already as well as our vision for the future.

    Compensation is based on a percentage contract which increases as you grow. (plus monthly bonus)

    If you believe we will be a good fit, send over your resume to:
    Let us know you are from DF.


    Director of Account Management
    Boris Mendes

    B2 Capital Solution Provider

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