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    South Shore is now Onboarding 5-10 New Iso's

    South Shore Funding is taking on a limited number of New ISO's - We are looking for hard working, well spoken, determined individuals, who are tired of sending deals to lenders only to be lied to, back-doored, and/or taken advantage of. At South Shore we guarantee that you will not have those issues. We have a track record of proven success built around transparency and honesty, in regards to both the merchant and our ISO's. We are looking for long term business relationships! Once we do one deal together you will see that you have finally found a lender who does the right thing by his brokers and lives up to what they promised. We have a great commission structure. We pay up to 12 pts. on In-Network deals and if we bring in a partner we pay between 50%-75%

    We are only on-boarding about 5-10 new ISO's as we strive to handle new files efficiently and only want to do right by our clients so don't miss your chance to partner with an honest, reputable lender.

    Email if you are interested and we will set up a phone interview and begin the On-boarding Process

    Thank you and We Look Forward to Hearing From You!!!
    Best Regards,

    Louis DiMaria - President South Shore Funding
    Office: 516.606.3008
    Fax: 516.494.7050
    Cell: 516.698.5570

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    Louis-Please stop spamming every tread category. Everybody and their Dutch Uncle probably saw your first promotion.
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