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    Loans - Equipment Financing

    Hello I am Corey Preiss with David Allen Capital. DAC offers business loans, payment processing, and health insurance for employers.

    We offer alternative lending options for small businesses that do not qualify for bank loans. Unlike the banks which require a good personal credit score, years in business, and even collateral for a loan.

    Loans for additions to your business, equipment, anything you need.

    DAC values your business over your personal credit score. DAC also helps small businesses with quick and easy funding options. One application submitted to up to 40 of the nation's best alternative lenders to insure you get the best options available for your business. We help businesses grow with short term working capital from $10,000-$2,000,000.

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    I’m trying to purchase a golf course business ($200,000) that has been established for more than 50 years. The business is self-supporting but has the potential to generate five times its present revenue. The community is a mix of businesses and residential homes. A simple food service would easily double revenues; a convenient store would triple the revenues of the food service. Add some rental apartments for out-of- town/state guest and the business grows.
    The land the golf course sits on (50 acres) is for sale but the owners (5) are asking twice the price its worth. I’ve showed the land owners that the land has a fair market value of less than half of what they're asking but they want more. A land developer offered them a large sum for the land but when the neighbors found out the developer planned to build homes on the acreages his project was quickly refused. There is a piece of property flanking the golf course for sale that would allow an expansion of the course and/or club house. I have pictures and a business plan I can send you.
    The COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted and this is the time to take an old business and add new blood to it. Ideally I need assess to $700,000 for the purchase of the business, the 50 acres of land, and possible the property next door to the business. Please let me know if I can get anything you need to help me with this loan.

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    Need much more additional info - but - there may be a possibility.

    Call me to discuss.
    Dave Lambert
    FC Financial LLC
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    Office: 727-233-1111

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