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    Professional Services Lenders - Broker Partnerships

    Good evening,

    Does anyone specialize in lending for Professional Services, such as lawyers and doctors?

    Please advise. We have a few deals in this industry.

    Thank you,

    Emerald Money Group

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    yes unique funding solutions is a perfect place for those industries
    Irving Winograd
    Unique Funding Solutions

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    We do a ton of deals for lawyers and especially doctors.
    Direct Funder | MCA | Public Companies | Convertible Notes | Hard Money
    D. 516-667-6817

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    Quote Originally Posted by emeraldmoneygroup View Post
    Good evening,

    Does anyone specialize in lending for Professional Services, such as lawyers and doctors?

    Please advise. We have a few deals in this industry.

    Thank you,

    Emerald Money Group
    Depending on the amount they are seeking - SBA 7(a) Loans - $350K up to $5 Million

    2ns option - Doctors and if Lawyers accept credit cards - funding by leverage their average monthly sales
    Dave Lambert
    FC Financial LLC
    SBA 7(a) Loans
    1-727-291-7890 (Text or Leave Message)
    Office: 727-233-1111

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    Sent pm
    Ricky Belle
    Rapid-BC ( Direct Funder!)

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    may be able to help here...lmk
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    Cooper routinely funds lawyers, insurance agents, CPAs, and other professional practices.

    Robert S Bloink
    EVP of ISO Partnerships
    Direct: 248-341-9477

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    We have funded plenty of doctors and lawyers before. If you have anything in the pipeline, feel free to reach out to us.

    Anthony Collin
    Smart Business Funding
    Direct number: (866) 737-6278

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    Hey Emerald Money Group!

    Evan here, Director of BD at Torro Funding.

    We love healthcare and anything related. We will also fund law firms but with a small caveat. They must have a 1st position in there. This goes for real estate investment as well.

    Some basic requirements, 15k in rev and 5+ deposits. We will fund behind altered payments and look past satisfied judgements.

    Let me know if you want to run the deal down!

    Evan Ensign
    Director Of Business Development
    Torro Funding

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    I sent a message to in regards to your client 75 property rental portfolio loan request
    Direct Investor/Lender
    Account Manager James G.
    (214) 622-0359 text

    If you need any type of Business Funding, Business Line of Credit or Commercial loan click on the link below to start the process. 500 credit score 650 credit score

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    We will provide revolving lines of credit or factoring to medical providers against its accounts receivable due from health insurance carriers.
    Ben Rutkevitz
    Alleon Healthcare Capital
    (201) 340-6346

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