Hey guys:

Another tool in your arsenal if you need it. I have a small fund out of California that is funding 75-90 day consolidation loans to pay off personal credit cards and loans. The loan does NOT report to the users credit report.

The loan is temporary. The purpose is to pay off high interest credit cards and other personal debt that may be dragging a credit score down. Once the debt reports to $0, their funding arm comes in and gets the borrower personal loans, business credit lines and credit cards from $150-$250K.

The borrower then pays back the fund.

Minimum requirements are:

1) 1 year of steady employment showing *at least* $75K in w2 income.
2) The employment needs to be verified. Borrower cannot be an owner of the company (spouse's company, etc).
3) Paystubs, w2s and personal bank statements showing payroll deposits into the account will be verified
4) No late pays, outstanding collections, etc for 2 years
5) No foreclosures, judgments or BKs on CR

Some more FAQs:

1) Funding is part of the deal. You cannot remit borrowers and take them to a different funding source
2) Business owners need to show profitable tax returns instead of w2/paystub income.
3) Payouts range 2.5-5% of the GROSS FUNDED TOTAL. So on the a $150K deal you would bank $3750 - $7500.
4) I've funded 7 clients through them. Haven't had any issues.

DM me for more info.

Good luck!