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    Equipment Financing Recommendation

    Hi all, looking for reputable companies re equipment financing

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    What type of equipment?

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    Seeking for multiple industries:

    Medical, Trucking, etc.

    Thank you

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    Everlasting Capital would be a good place to start with

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    Equipment Leasing Group of America is an equipment finance company out of Chicagoland. We have our own lines of credit. I would love to further discuss our credit box and what collateral we prefer.

    Please find my full contact below and reach out anytime.


    Cal Falkenhayn | Senior Account Executive
    Equipment Leasing Group of America
    211 Waukegan Road, Suite 100 |Northfield, IL 60093
    O: 847-784-0011 | F: 847-784-0066 | M: 847-922-2729 |

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    Here are some direct lessors that are pretty good for these industries:

    - BSB Leasing
    - Quality Leasing
    - North Mill Equipment Finance
    - NFS Leasing
    - Maxim CC

    Just to name a few aside from the go to's (Finpac, PLC, 360)

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    SLIM Capital is a direct lender providing equipment finance. We provide credit based decisions as well as the ability to structure deals with assets that have a strong secondary market value (i.e. equipment and real estate). We work in a variety of industries including trucking, medical, cannabis, manufacturing, etc.

    Happy to chat more about our programs. Reach out at any time, my contact info is below.
    Joshua Parrish | SLIM Capital
    (415) 938-4977 |

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    I would recommend Alliance Capital (

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