With over 10 years dedicated within the MCA space and a track record of great success, I am looking to expand. I am ready to offer many references from those I work for attesting to my ability to close what others cannot. I have done so consistently and with integrity.

In this post COJ world, and a world where the court system is running at a snail's pace due to Covid, the need for a singularly skilled closer is paramount. I have the track record and the references to back up what one may see as bravado. Everyone says they are great and "the best" at what they do and I understand it all must be taken with a grain of salt.

Unlike most however, I can offer references from many others to state so on my behalf. I'm the real deal, I am hungry, and ready to meet the challenge to prove my value.

Please feel free to message me or call me direct at 1-877-669-7943