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    Life Insurance Suggestions

    Just trying to get a feel for life insurance in general.....looking at Senior life insurance finder, would appreciate any pointers, suggestions, experiences.

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    I don't know a whole lot about it.. But can tell you what I bought for myself about 12 years ago when I was in my mid 20's.

    I bought a 1 million 30 year return on premium policy for $99 per month. Originally it was underwrote by ING, but they rebranded to Voya.

    When I ran the numbers, the return on premium rider only added like $10 more per month... So to me it was a no brainer to add that.. My line of thinking was that if I die within 30 years, my family will get 1 million, but if I don't die I at least get my money back that I spent on the policy.

    Which I thought would be a win either way.

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