Hey DF,

You all know I preach the golden rules of capital markets from time to time: Know your customer! Know your referral sources! Know your sources of capital. During this time of crisis it is more important than ever.

During the financial crisis of 2008 the financial services community changed dramatically. In a million years who would have thought that firms like Lehman Brothers and Bear Sterns would be swept of Wall Street. The same will happen with this crisis. It is imperative to take the temperature of not only your clients, but your capital sources as well.

A lot of non-bank finance companies are in the midst of laying off workers, having issues with their portfolios, and may have their credit facilities pulled or adjusted. Some may close up shop all together.

During times like this there are MANY MANY opportunities to help clients that you would not have had 6 months ago. Finance companies thrive in environments like this if they are smart, well capitalized, and have the best talent.

I had my best year ever at the firm last year and I expect because of this crisis, I will likely blow those numbers completely out of the water.



PS: Work smart and know who you are working with!