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    This email says PIKER to me, FYI, Favio was never on a Ventilator, Fake News CNN. Its now costing me more to deal with this, when you make $$ time is valuable, good lesson for you to learn, I will meet you for the $200, contact me
    All I know Is that everyone that needed a ventilator, got a ventilator. (or so I hear)

    Also, why do you want to meet in person, you must be a BIG guy

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    Just a quick note that we are again actively funding here at Yes Lender so plz include us on this list. Always happy to jump on a call with new ISOs to see if there is a fit!

    Lane Kelly, Vice President- Business Development
    Yes Lender LLC, 1150 First Avenue Suite 105, King of Prussia, PA 19406
    Email: | Mobile: 267.266.3436 | Office: 888.937.5363 (888.YES.LEND) | Online:

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimothyNoodles View Post
    Who on this list can (really) replace the Knight/Everest/Pearls of the world?
    We can!
    PDM Capital
    39 Broadway
    New York, NY 10006

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