Hi DF,

Most of you know ..... we are Seacoast Business Funding, a division of Seacoast Bank. We are trusted working capital partners for companies in a variety of industries nationally. We offer flexible and cost effective working capital facilities in the forms of factoring and asset based lines of credit.

The current crisis is going to have a deep financial impact on companies globally. Nobody really knows how deep the impact will be or how long it will last. We we do know is that time is not a business owner's friend right not nor is lack of working capital. Many companies will be seek alternative to their current lines of credit, asset based loans, and in some cases their factoring facilities/ABL facilities with finance companies as credit will tighten up across ALL credit markets. Here are few things that are critical now and for the next several months:
-Know your customer! Identify the need and offer viable solutions as quickly as possible.
-Know your sources of capital! Term sheets are paper. Make sure you are working with capital provider that are certain to close a deal. If they issuing term sheets without doing a some work up front, the certainty to close diminishes quickly.

Those that will truly be successful will be offering viable solutions with certainty to close.....not just selling money.

Our ideal client:
-Based anywhere in the US.
-Revenues from $2Mil to well over $30Mil
-Facility needs from $500K to well over $25Mil. We can an will provide inventory and M&E accommodation financing to any AR facility that makes sense.

What I need to see:
-2019 and YTD Income Statements and Balance Sheets
-AR & AP DETAILED Aging reports.
-List of top 5 customers and some samples of invoices.