At PDM Capital, we are trying to be the different funder out there. We have some new offerings that we feel could help us stand out.

- 1.24 buy rates up to 11 months on 2nd position deals with up to 12 points commission
- Up to 14 points commission on 3rd position plus (Even high risk)
- Fairly quick responses and funding
- Can consolidate up to 3 positions
- No clawbacks with top brokers
- We are a direct funder and do not shop out your deals

Relationship building is one of our priorities. We are not looking for your crappy files that no ones else wants or the bottom of the barrel feeders will fund. We won't be competitive on first position deals unless OnDeck, Cancap, National or any other the A+ lenders won't do it etc.

If you have any questions or would like to sign up, please reach out to us.

Our contact info is below. Email is