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    Metal Fabrication plant in Colombia (SA) Seeking equipment and Construction Lender

    Does any one knows of a lender that can finance a metal manufacturing plant in Colombia South America?

    I have a client that is building a metal fabrication plant in Colombia South America. Client is seeking capital for equipment and plant construction. Equipment cost around 9 million and plant construction cost around 5 million USD. Plant will be serving the Oil and gas industry. Client has over 20yrs exp, land already purchased. Total project cost 14 million USD. Project is shovel ready.
    You can email me at : or contact me directly at +1 770-595-5560

    ask for Thomas

    Any help on this would be highly rewarded...I await your response...
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    If they can bring in 20% cash to the deal and they are legit, we can likely get this done. 435-688-9650

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