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    Conversion Software

    MoneyThumb has become the go to software for MCA's, Small Business Lenders, and funders for this reason: we provide a software, Web App or API, that eliminates all pdf bank statement data entry. This will streamline your borrower sales and underwriting process. Get to Yes, or No, the second you get documents from your borrowers.

    The process is simple; just drag and drop pdf’s and we will instantly spread and analyze the bank statements and tax returns.

    PDF Insights, by MoneyThumb, provides:

    Detailed borrower scorecard to highlight account information & trends

    Financial ratios tailored to your specifications

    Identification of large or recurring transactions

    Fraud detection capabilities for statements that do not reconcile.

    If speed to offer matters, please respond to this email or call me at (858) 215-5862 for a quick demo.

    I'm happy to provide you with a demo and a free trial.

    Don Campbell
    MoneyThumb llc

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    how many times are you going to post this?

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