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    Seeking Experienced MCA Closer / Originator For Remote Position(s) High Commission %

    We are a small brokerage offering alternative & traditional funding options for our clients. We are currently looking to bring on 1-2 remote agents with experience in the MCA world. The position would include:

    • Base Pay Option ($75 Daily w/ Minimum Call Requirements) along with 10% of fees generated
    • Commission Only Option (Starting at 30% of fees generated, up to 70% of fees generated depending on experience & performance)
    • Access to our power dialer, loaded with Data (UCC's, Aged Transfers, Etc)
    • Provided Support to help you chase docs, & close tricky merchants (So you can focus on generating more clients!)

    We are a young firm, but have many years of experience in the industry. We look to offer our clients more than just the typical MCA option, by providing access to Term Loans, ABL, Factoring, Personal Loans, Etc... The objective is to turn a lead into a client and be their source of funding no matter what product they are seeking!

    Our ideal agent should have experience in the industry, have the ability to cold call UCC leads to fill time. Understand how to properly manage time with follow up VS originating new leads. But have the versatility to speak to live transfers & incoming leads. This is an opportunity to have flexibility in your schedule, with leads/data provided, all with what we have seen as one of the highest commission splits in the industry! We have structured our pay to attract experienced agents that know what they are doing, and know what they are worth! We are willing to provide anything you feel will make you stronger & ultimately earn everyone more money! We invest heavily in our agents success, because the heart and soul of this business will always be the people surrounding you!

    If you have questions, or are interested in the position please email a resume & brief explanation of experience to

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    This opportunity still exists, with experienced closers starting at a minimum of 50% split.

    If you have questions, or are interested in the position please email a resume & brief explanation of experience to

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    $375 a week base pay? Is this a welfare program?

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