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    Existing Balance changed Bank Account 80k monthly

    Merchant does 80k a month. 1st position with GreenCapital.
    The merchant had fraud in the december bank account, changed bank account numbers.
    We have MTD to for January with the new account.
    Who can consider?

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    You'll need a letter from the bank stating that there was fraudulent activity on their account and that closing it was necessary due to that issue. Is the new account with the same bank as the one you have the prior statements for?

    If there's enough verifiable information there most MCA houses will fund it, however you may run into complication and/or delay if they had existing advances in the account.. in that instance you may need to wait for confirmation that each of the funders were notified of the change, were given the new routing / acct info, and that debits have continued normally in the new one.

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