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    New Promo MCA lead samples $5 for 5 real time

    New Promo MCA lead samples $5 for 5 real time aged leads less than 30 days old for ONLY $5. Cant invest $5 keep scrolling... 🤣

    Limited time only! Purpose is to build a true relationship if you close a deal throw us a bone or be a repeat client is all we ask. Just being hopeful! Hoping for a long term relationship is all. Every Tuesday Promo ends this month!!!

    Private message me if interested serious inquires only, or....

    Go to our site or email below! Your true one stop MCA lead provider!! 100% Lead Replacement Guaranteed!

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    Are they real time or are they aged?

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    Leads were once generated within 30 days from a email form or live transfers to a center saying they are interested in a business loan. Sense they are not real time as they once where, now there aged. Feel free to call us today! Not worth talking more about this $5 investment.

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    Sticky fingers

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    Well mcadata, your initial statement induced the need for clarification, which is what prompted this conversation in the first place.

    But if you don't want to talk, shall we dance...

    We will provide 5 REAL TIME, SAME DAY OPT-IN merchants seeking funding, for $5 each, for Funders/Isos that reach out to me.

    Leads will all follow minimal/maximum criteria you set, and will be replaced at no charge if they do not!

    Call or Contact when you are ready to begin!

 - Merchants Seeking Funding That Want to Have a Conversation With You.
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