All Star Advance works within the MCA, ABL, Factoring, SBA, Hard Money, Comm & Resi Mortgage and Personal Loan spaces as well as others. We have an extensive inventory of Funders and in some cases Lenders and we work diligently to vett these "lenders" to ensure no stealing, and that files are more than "cherry picked" as is the case with 90% of them. We have a fulltime employee that does nothing but monitor our "lenders" and search for "the best options out there. We can place deals from the US, Canada and PR. Our goal is to be able to get any "fundable deal funded" and historically we have been coming closer and closer to that.

We also operate as an "outside support center" or Super Broker for individuals and brokers. Some use us as soon as a file comes in, some when a file gets tough. Some use us when they have "had it with only certain files" and some when they need additional support.

We work with lot's of independent "originators" as well as traditional brokers with a staff. We have a large expericanced staff in our processing department.
We help our Partners in several ways,
~ some of our "Partners" have trouble getting banks and applications back
~ some of our Partners have help issues every now and then
~ some of our Partners use us on an as needed basis with tricky files or files that are not their niche
~ some of our Partners use us on every file

Our Agreement is very transparent, we are not in business to develop the reputation many have. We are a family-owned and operated company with Fortune 500 experiance, we are not a joke and we only get paid after a deal gets funded.

So if you are getting bottle necked, deals aren't getting funded or your having trouble getting doc's from perspective clients shoot us an email or call Gil directly at 603.401.6408 or send him an e-mail at processasadvance.com.