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    Micro leads only


    We are looking for lead sources for Micro revenue merchants anywhere from 5k in monthly deposits and above, Live online request (Web join) is preferred.

    Please PM me .

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    I generate micro leads and can supply a decent amount daily (M-F) if interested. I can send via email (in real-time) or post directly to your CRM.

    You can learn more here:

    Exclusive Real-time & Aged MCA Leads | | | 888-234-6534

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    Those buying / selling Micro Leads -- should know MANTIS funds them (hours after the submission).

    YES we also fund LARGE&JUMBO Files.

    Keep in mind: We have been paying HIGH COMMISSIONS to our submitting-partners repeatedly and continuously for many many years.
    Marcus Clapman | Business Development | Cresthill Capital
    (High Commissions Payout Group)
    Tel: 917-521-6528 | Fax: 212.671.1473

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    What to do after acquiring MICRO transaction leads? Send them to Lending Valley, Inc! We fund MICRO & LARGE deals...
    But why submit to us when there are so many Micro funders out there?

    BECAUSE we can offer weekly payments on deals as low as 1k with HIGH COMMISSIONS!
    Clark Sica
    Business Development Manager
    Lending Valley, Inc.
    Office Line: 347-478-5161
    Mobile Line:347-536-0528
    Fax: 1-888-850-1971

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    We can do this , we have lists that have monthly revs from 5k all the way up to 50k, lets ave a call this week



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