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    Restaurant $80K per month 1 Year Term Loan NO MCA

    We have a restaurant looking for $100k over a 1 year term. Rate needs to be 10-12%. They gross around $80-90k per month. No collateral. No Balances. Line of Credit, or Term Loan is acceptable.

    They are NOT looking for an MCA. Already have BFS & CAN offers. They will not pay a 1.20. Please reply or send a message if you are a direct lender and can offer a term loan or credit line for under 12% over a one year term. Thank you.

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    one year in biz, n collateral, and does $80-90 per month?

    Someone needs to bring them out of La-La Land, and back to reality

    they have Mercedes tastes with a Volkswagen budget

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    1 year in business, yeah NO term loans available unless you try loanme. BUt the rates would be too high for client.

    maybe one of the online crowd lenders would do it

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