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    Excel Document in Which You Can Input Basic Data to Provide MCA Offers

    Anyone have one they wouldn't mind sharing?

    Thank you in advance,

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    What data exactly? and this is to provide to merchants? doesnt sound too complicated to put fields in excel columns labeled with the categories of an offer.

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    do you mean like a basic UW / approval calculator ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fin4all View Post
    do you mean like a basic UW / approval calculator ?

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    The grid

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    Will pay for one too.

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    Standard UW calculator. But it will vary from quality of the paper, the product you're aiming at, overall specs of the merchant at the time (TIB, position, debt ratio, av daily etc),.their specific parameters, etc. There isnt a cookie cutter system for it; but the closest thing to that.. is learn how to underwrite. .
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