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    $500,000-$1.2 Million for Startup CBD Company w/ Domestic & International Customers

    I need an investor who will look at a startup CBD company who has both domestic and international LOIs.

    At least 4 domestic customers already.

    International clients are in India, Indonesia, & the Bahamas as of right now.

    Purchase orders already in place with one company: $18 million contract over 12 months; COD (no A/R; everything paid upfront), so there is no need for PO financing.
    The net profit on this one exceeds $750,000/month.

    LOIs in place for 2 million units per month, which will net them over $600,000/month.

    They are looking for $500,000-$1.2 MM capital injection for marketing & operations. Some equity may be discussed, but ideally, they are seeking funding in the form of debt, secured against contracts.

    Looking for immediate funding, as they won't have much of a need for it in another couple of weeks.

    This is a strong opportunity for an investor. Very short window of opportunity. Extremely time-sensitive.

    Please DM me ASAP, as I need to get a connection for them even today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fundyman View Post
    I need a factor who can work with a CBD company who does both domestic and international transactions.

    The clients are not in China, but in India, Indonesia, Bahamas, ...

    They have contracts with US companies already in place. Purchase orders already in place with one company.

    This is a startup basically, as there isn't any significant revenue as of yet, but as stated before, there is also a PO in place for a 12-month contract for $18MM.

    Need suggestions as to where to take this one ASAP, please.
    What State is the business located?
    Type of CBD Products are they selling?
    Dave Lambert
    FC Financial LLC
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    King Trade declined due to them being @ startup & them not feeling enthused about them not having dealt with their current customers in the past nor having any revenue as of yet.

    THUS, I need a factor who can work w/ a TRUE startup that has a $1.5 million PO in effect along with an $18 million contract signed.

    Please PM w/ suggestions.

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    I completely edited the title & description of this one, as there is absolutely no need for PO financing whatsoever. Just capital injection ASAP needed.

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