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    Lightbulb Funding Reverse Consolidations and Defaulted Merchants

    My company GC Global Ventures has been funding merchants with our proprietary programs for the past 6 months we can work with you and your clients to get them funded.
    We offer Reverse Consolidations and "Defaulted Merchant Program"

    Our reverse consolidation program is a popular option for merchants who don’t want to settle or restructure their debt. On a weekly basis, we wire the merchant the total amount of their combined ACH pulls, while also withdrawing our payment. As the other advances drop off, the amount we disperse them automatically lessens to match each week's total ACH payments, while our daily payment stays consistent. This strategy potentially saves merchants around 20% on what they would have made payments into.
    To leverage this strategies success, we have extended our terms from 120 days to 160 days. Once all the underwritten balances have been paid off we offer a renewal paying up to 12 points. We also can attach a true add-on next to our reverse consolidation; if your client requests anything additional we can be creative to offer more as long as it is a " drop in the bucket" and works for both of us .

    Back on Track Program

    Used for merchants who defaulted on MCA in the past and are looking to get a second chance.
    Definable factors include :
    Merchant has a questionable*(Restricted Industry) business
    Merchant defaulted out of the gate
    Merchant defaulted in the last 3 months
    Merchant has no explanation on the default or COJ filed
    Merchant is heavily still paying other advances

    Approvals range between $5,000 - $100,000
    Maximum term: 40 days
    Min revenue $30,000 a month, with strong daily balances
    Good Account Receivables and credit cards processing are always a plus


    Cosmo Martelli |Director of Business Development

    T (732)784-7189

    F (646)296-3789

    Y Advance Leverage

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    Cosmoooo??? Cosmo?



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    Quote Originally Posted by E2C View Post

    Cosmo Martelli |Director of Business Development

    T (732)784-7189

    F (646)296-3789

    Y Advance Leverage

    Nice website. All this talk of proprietary programs and can’t get a basic, functioning website? I assume this is all bullshit until proven otherwise.

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