In Part I, we went over what the sales process was and why it was important.

Simply, it is the framework we follow to take every deal from Lead to closed and Funded Customer.

We use it to produce systematic and consistent results, AND to maximize Time.

Like a machine, to be effective and efficient at funding as many deals as we can every 30-day cycle, we must be disciplined in our routine actions day in and day out.

We have the potential to get lost in the noise merchants, peers, competitors, family, friends, you name it create for us – the signal in all of this is having Clearly Defined, Repeatable, Predictable, Goal-Oriented, and Measurable Action Steps every day for every deal.

If you want to score, you’ve got to run North/South and you need to know where the Endzone is.* The Sales Process gives us the 30,000 foot view of the field and every first down it takes to move us closer to scoring/Funding.

Of course, we do a whole lot more than just these stages on the Sales Process to fund deals, but each stage is a Milestone Goal that gives us context for everything we do towards attaining it.

These mile-markers also help us identify where we are on the map compared to where we want to be with every deal – visibility is everything.

Stage 0 – Start:
We have prepared and are ready to engage our Lead, pick up the phone and make contact.

Stage 1 – The Prospected Stage:


The Lead has been pre-qualified and confirmed to be a Prospect worth pursuing.

Stage 2 – The Consulted Stage:


The Prospect has been consulted about their goals/needs/obstacles, how our solutions can help them achieve their outcome, and has confirmed they want a quote.

Stage 3 – The Application Out Stage:

The Application has been sent to the Prospect, and it has been confirmed it was received.

Stage 4 – The Application In Stage:

The Application is in with all supporting paperwork.

Stage 5 – The Submission Stage:

The Funding Package/Application has been submitted to Underwriting.

Stage 6 – The Pitched Approval Stage:

*The Approval(s) have been pitched and sold to the Prospect.

Stage 7 – The Contract Out Stage:

The Prospect has demonstrated intent to fund, requested contracts and we have sent them out.

Stage 8 – The Contract In Stage:

The signed Contract is in.

Stage 9 – The Closing Stips In Stage:

All closing stips UW need to fund are in.

Stage 10 – The Funded Stage – End:

The deal has funded, great work!

Speed and efficiency between each Stage accelerates the amount of deals we fund within the Time limitations of every month, typically 720 hours.* This comes with consistent and deliberate practice:


-Allen Iverson

Yes, Practice. *Make it fun(d) and get after it!