Before we start chasing down closing stips, we need to get that signed Contract In!

If you sell the approval the right way, getting docs out and back in should be a seamless process.* The merchant (Business Pro) should want to already get the docs back in because they have their sights set on Funding and utilizing the capital for their project.

If you’ve used your FASS (Funding Accelerator Sales System) Mastery to sell the deal effectively (because you are a Funding Pro) – docs are out, and now the merchant (BP) is just going to look over everything on the contract to make sure it all checks out to get everything back to you asap.* They’re with you, you’re with them.* Let’s rush to the goal-line together.

It is important that once docs are out, you are communicating a time target with the BP on when they are expected to get docs back in to YOU.* Please do not willy nilly now – keep your cadence, keep your structure, keep your professionalism all the way to Funding.

Time Kills Deals!!

Remember, you can sell a Yes, you can sell a No.* You can't sell Silence.* Keep them tight to the hip, and you will get those docs in.