Before crossing the goal-line, we need to get all the Closing Stips in.

A this point the signed contracts are in and now you must reel in all the closing items before the merchant (Business Pro) gets cold.

Time Kills Deals!!

Make sure to drive urgency and get everything in as soon as possible.* There will be pushback on certain stips.* Maybe it’s a tax return, maybe its other financials – whatever it is, assure the merchant (BP) this is part of the process, they’ve made it this far, and you are in their corner to get the deal done and their business Funded.

Whenever fielding frustration or anger from BP’s, always remember they are not angry with you – they are angry at the situation, and their perceptions about the situation.* Don’t take it personal.* Remain professional and helpful, their frustration will subside.

If there is enough serious pushback for whatever reason, see what you can do about getting an exception from Underwriting.* Whether you get it or not, the BP will appreciate you for the effort, and their affinity for doing business with You over anybody else will rise.

You are knocking on the doorstep, keep the urgency and the energy up and you will get this deal Funded!