Hey all,

Does anyone know of a vendor or broker who will fund a 15k to 20k personal or business loan, and Preferably will work with stated income documents? I am a freelance copywriter who is currently credit poor but I have a steady income. My credit score is 550 and most online personal loan lenders reject me outright because of that, also im sure being a freelancer doesn't help. im looking for a loan to purchase advertising in local newspapers and a first batch of new inventory for a fitness supplement product. I have worked in this industry extensively as it is the industry that I write advertising copy for. I know how to what suppliers to use, how to write the ads, where to place the ads and what markets they work best in. I would just like to get a lump sum to get ready for 3rd and 4th quarter (this is literally the hay day for supplement businesses, people try to get in shape for the holidays and also buy them for Christmas gifts). In truth I might be able to do it without the loan but i wouldn't be able to scale as much as I would like too, also wholesalers give you better deals when you buy in bulk. The loan could be very short term (where talking 3 months max) so i do not really care about interest rates or if you get a commission. I would also be willing to work with a straight up private lender (real estate style) but i wasn't sure if private lenders in real estate also lend to people like me. If the loan amount is too small to be bothered with I would be willing to take more if you fell its necessary.

As a side note: This forum is awesome! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about this industry and
I tried to read as much as possible before asking this question as not to waste anyone's time., you people are really dedicated to your craft and even if you cant help me the time spent looking here has been so informative! If im breaking any rules by posting this just let me know and I will fix it ASAP, I didn't think to post the My address or anything but im biased out of the villages in Florida, its a retirement community in Florida (google it is huge and is arguably the economic powerhouse in central Florida, supplements do well especially in ages 55 and up!) I Am a college student and i do most of my business here I have less than 3k in debt and no bankruptcy if that helps. I think the fact that my income is mostly paid in cash is the reason why my score might be that low. Any help or just solid Business advice is appreciated!

Many thanks!