I have a processing product that we recommend lenders put their riskiest payments through to protect the return rates of the bulk of your processing business:

Basic Info:
- non-NACHA debit solution that allows merchants to collect payments from consumers checking accounts using digital checks
- Settlements same as ACH on customer accounts; return times just as fast or faster than ACH
- ZERO return thresholds on returns
- Lower cost than debit card processing
- All domestic processing, US banks
- Banks redundancies for merchant protection
- Product has opinion letter provided by Hudson Cook, LLP certifying RCC product as safe and viable for lender collections that are not originating from telemarketing transactions

I run this processing solution for 20%+ of volume for many high return risk lenders; cost is low and value high as it protects NACHA regs. Referrals provided upon request to see how other lenders use our product.

Adam March
Valmar Merchant Services