January 2014 – Issue 1

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Page 1 or Bust

Yesterday’s SEO Won’t Bring You Leads

By Sean Murray

Page 1 SEOI’ll never forget how intoxicating the feeling was. In 2010 I made a small website using a free online site maker and within days got my first lead. It was as simple as that. As an account rep for a small ISO, I was beyond excited. The partners already hooked us up with quality leads and we had more than enough UCCs to get us through the day, but this had a different feel. It almost felt like I had cheated the system. You were either calling the same UCC that 50 other guys called or you worked Glengarry leads that cost an arm and a leg. People didn’t just find you and call you. It just didn’t happen until it happened to me.

“New Form Submission | DBA: xxxxxxxxx”

I got nervous. It was like seeing a hundred dollar bill lying on the sidewalk where you half expect to be tackled or shot with a poison dart as soon as you reach down for it. “Should I call them?” I whispered to myself with trepidation.

I called them. Obviously. It ended up being an easy breezy $50,000 advance. It sailed through underwriting, I closed it, it funded, and I got paid… after the house got their cut of course. With Pandora’s box blown wide open, my secret to success had been something no one else had ever thought of, the Internet. I would be a millionaire in months, heck in days, with this high powered unstoppable free lead generation system.

Over the next 3 weeks, I didn’t get a single lead from the site. “Something has gone horribly wrong,” I thought to myself. “I don’t understand. I have a website so why aren’t merchants finding it?” My late night research would lead me to discover that I was missing a very important ingredient, SEO. As I would cruelly learn, sometimes in life you have to work for stuff. Still high off the commission (interpret this however you wish) from that one 50k deal, I vowed to learn the magic of Search Engine Optimization even if it killed me.

I can get some of those.

Sure, why not.

Valuable content that can’t be found anywhere else that is so awesome that everyone shares it?
Woah, hold on. I’m not trying to do work here.

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