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  • Olivia Morris's Avatar
    Today, 09:13 AM
    Couldn’t have put it better! Most of these people that sue are living on a prayer
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  • Olivia Morris's Avatar
    Today, 09:12 AM
    Solid response :cool:
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  • kgw's Avatar
    Today, 08:34 AM
    kgw started a thread Ashli Babbit RIP in Deal Bin
    Babbitt was preyed on by loan sharks who target vulnerable businesses: "Fowlers Pool Service and Supply predictably ran into trouble. So Babbitt took out what was known as a “merchant cash advance” from a company called EBF Partners, which she calculated charged her an interest rate of 169%. She quickly defaulted, and was embroiled in a lawsuit. Her lawyers argued that her lender had cheated her with too high of an interest rate. She lost, as “courts have held that such arrangements don’t amount to loans and are not bound by usury laws.”
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  • getitfunded's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:30 PM
    getitfunded replied to a thread Deal For A Movie in Deal Bin
    Kind of a vague answer... I need to know A LOT more about this movie. Is it good? Lol
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  • getitfunded's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:27 PM
    getitfunded replied to a thread Deal For A Movie in Deal Bin
    The company you'll be most familiar with is CIT, they offer entertainment financing. If you're looking for some industry sources then try Indian Paintbrush or Black Bear Pictures as a general go to. It would be helpful to disclose the genre of film, and how many minutes/scenes are set to be filmed (prior to final cut). I have a few contacts in the industry, if you can obtain a script, executive summary of the producers, etc. then I may be able to pass this request along. Keep in mind though that the loan will be secured against the rights of the film and in some cases (smaller productions with novice filmmakers or obscure cast) the private equity firm may provide one of their producers and request market studies that could change the final cut and will also be a factor in assisting the bank in determining the valuation. Shoot me a PM. Dailyfunder isn't really the place for this.
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  • hardrock's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:27 PM
    hardrock started a thread Deal For A Movie in Deal Bin
    I have someone that is looking for $25 million for a movie. Anyone has any contacts or knows someone?
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  • Steven_O's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:45 PM
    I have several services you can offer. PM'ing you.
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  • Parkview Advance's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:18 PM
    Parkview has our own PPP portal, PM or email for more information.
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  • miarobison's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:13 PM
    miarobison replied to a thread A+ lenders in Deal Bin
    GetBackd has no max on funding, as long as the merchant qualifies.
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  • Parkview Advance's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:09 PM
    Hey AM funding. We do consolidation in house we would love to look at the file and let you know what we can do. Feel free to email me.
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  • Parkview Advance's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:08 PM
    Parkview Advance is now funding based on Accounts Receivables and equipment owned outright. To learn more or see if any clients you have can be approved. Shoot me an email or a PM and we can go from there. Really great program that pays very well.
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  • DTFdowntofund's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:07 PM
    Buddy of mine ended up with a surplus of leads totally by circumstance. He allocated a significant amount into generating real time leads for his own shop that he developed just before covid. Ended up closing because of the impact, but the leads are still pouring in, and with nowhere to go so he decided to distribute them which was never his intent. My point being that, even a guy who had no intention of accruing data for profit, is still smart enough to know that #1, you always give a guy some upfront to test out, and if they bode well for them they'll certainly be back for more. #2, anyone who is not willing to do this is a scam artist, because what is 25 leads in comparison to having an avenue to sell 4k? That, IMO is the biggest tell.
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  • miarobison's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:05 PM
    Hi, this sounds like something GetBackd may be able to help with. We require a 600+ FICO and for their positions to equate to less than 10% of their annual revenue. If they fall into this category, feel free to shoot me an email:
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  • amfunding's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:56 PM
    Hey guys, we're a relatively new ISO and wondering if any banks do consolidations? I have a merchant doing 200-300k in deposits a month, she has positions out with Libertas and Newco both pulling weekly with a combined balance of around 100k. Would anybody do a consolidation paying off both positions and get her on a payment less than 7k/week? Not sure how credit or background look but deposit volume is good and daily balances are strong.
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    Yesterday, 02:53 PM
    Fred Sosinsky. Best Criminal Defense Attorney in nyc
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  • Fundyman's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:34 PM
    A buddy of mine had his son get in trouble with the law recently, but his problems are are linked mainly to mental illness. The kid didn't kill/shoot anybody but he's getting hit with about 8 yrs for posession of a gun. Need a lawyer that's heavy competent and connected, if you know one. Thanks
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  • kfundinghelp's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:00 PM
    We are looking for a few brokers who have business start-up leads. If you have business deals that are being turned down because "not enough time in business", or lacking "business income". Send them to me for a quick overview. Leads must have good credit and steady income verification.
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  • FundingStrategist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:40 PM
    Recap: On our Sales Process map, if each Stage is a mile marker on the highway to Funding, the roadways in between the markers are the Phases. Here are all the Phases: Phase 1 – The Prospecting Phase Phase 2 – The Consulting Phase Phase 3 – The Application Sending Phase Phase 4 – The Application Reeling-in Phase Phase 5 – The Submitting Phase Phase 6 – The Closing Phase Phase 7 – The Contracting Phase Phase 8 – The Contract Reeling-in Phase Phase 9 – The Closing Stip Reeling-in Phase Phase 10 – The Funding Phase Each one of these Phases has specific steps to complete to get to the next Stage, and there are Key Steps to take in each Stage to accelerate your sales cycles and closings. This is what it looks like when we put it all together: Stage 0 – Start: How do I know for sure I am at this Stage? We have prepared and are ready to engage our Lead, pick up the phone and make contact. Next: Phase 1 – The Prospecting Phase Stage 1 – The Prospected Stage: How do I know for sure I am at this Stage? The Lead has been pre-qualified and confirmed to be a Prospect worth pursuing. Next: Phase 2 – The Consulting Phase Stage 2 – The Consulted Stage: How do I know for sure I am at this Stage? The Prospect has been consulted about their goals/needs/obstacles, how our solutions can help them achieve their outcome, and has confirmed they want a quote. Next: Phase 3 – The Application Sending Phase Stage 3 – The Application Out Stage: How do I know for sure I am at this Stage? The Application has been sent to the Prospect, and it has been confirmed it was received. Next: Phase 4 – The Application Reeling-in Phase Stage 4 – The Application In Stage: How do I know for sure I am at this Stage? The Application is in with all supporting paperwork. Next: Phase 5 – The Submitting Phase Stage 5 – The Submission Stage: How do I know for sure I am at this Stage? The Funding Package/Application has been submitted to Underwriting. Next: Phase 6 – The Closing Phase Stage 6 – The Pitched Approval Stage: How do I know for sure I am at this Stage? The Approval(s) have been pitched and sold to the Prospect. Next: Phase 7 – The Contracting Phase Stage 7 – The Contract Out Stage: How do I know for sure I am at this Stage? The Prospect has demonstrated intent to fund, requested contracts and we have sent them out. Next: Phase 8 – The Contract Reeling-in Phase Stage 8 – The Contract In Stage: How do I know for sure I am at this Stage? The signed Contract is in. Next: Phase 9 – The Closing Stip Reeling-in Phase Stage 9 – The Closing Stips In Stage: How do I know for sure I am at this Stage? All closing stips UW need to fund are in. Next: Phase 10 – The Funding Phase Stage 10 – The Funded Stage – End: How do I know for sure I am at this Stage? The deal has funded, great work! *Phase 6 – The Closing Phase* This Phase is the set of steps between Stage 5 and Stage 6. *Key Step #3: Close* Why is this important? You've touched base with the merchant before the pitch to gauge and see how consistent their expectations have remained since qualification. You've reinforced their intent to fund by eliciting their Key Business Objective again - what they want to achieve with the funding. And, you've implicitly checked in to see if there's been any shopping or competition nipping at your heels. You've pitched - presented options in the best light possible by explaining how they work, why the merchant qualified for them, and how they help the merchant achieve their objective. You've explained what underwriting factors led to the options they qualified for, so they have a better understanding of how small business funding and risk profiling works - it is much different than consumer lending or anything else the merchant my be more accustomed to. Now its time to let the merchant know that with a contract request, the closing process can be initiated and you can get them funded within whatever timeframe you've been greenlit for (today, 24 hours, etc.) AND make the ask! Go in for the close. -FundingStrategist
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  • DTFdowntofund's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:24 PM
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  • Mattspin's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:22 PM
    Spartan Capital is doing PPP! It's a great opportunity to not only make commission, but also to increase your brand. We supply you with a landing page with your own logo and company info. We also give you access to the portal, so you can track the progress. Send me an email and we can go over specifics. Matt Spinelli ISO Manager Spartan Capital 201-907-4042
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  • Yankeeman07's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:21 PM
    Organic SEO (search engine optimization) is the phrase used to describe processes to obtain a natural placement on organic search engine results pages (SERPs). Online, Social Media, Mobile Web Site, Print, Radio, Television, Podcast Unique Domain Extensions Available for Branding: (Example Brand Your Phone Number) Generate New Leads: Organic SEO is about 5.66 times better than paid search ads. (New Media Campaigns, 2018) Including a video in a post increases organic traffic from search results by 157%. (Search Engine People, 2017) Over 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product while conducting a search on their smartphone. (Google, 2018) Audio - Video: Internet Marketing - SEO Tools Landing Pages: Self Promotion - T Linux Server Hosting Unlimited Web Space Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Subdomains - Create 1000's of "Landing Pages" Unlimited MySQL Databases Hosted Email Unlimited Mail Lite Mailboxes, Unlimited Email Forwarders Advanced DNS FTP / File Manager Control Panel Access Word Press Content Management SSL Certificate 2 Hosted Microsoft Exchange Account - 100 GB I'm sure there are other resources - feel free to add to the list. Call me if you wish to discuss.
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    Yesterday, 12:57 PM
    Scammers. BEWARE!!!
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  • Kevin Henry-Seacoast's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:46 PM
    Just funded a factoring deal for a company that provides staffing services to this industry. Are you paying attention to these ideas???
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  • Yankeeman07's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:27 PM
    I can help you with merchant processing and other merchant services.
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  • Yankeeman07's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:26 PM
    This post should have been in the "Everything else" section of this forum. I'm going to post several resources that brokers may find useful in creating a system for generating your own leads.
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  • brandon_'s Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:10 PM
    There is no such thing as an "exclusive" lead list when purchasing a list whether its targeted or public information that you're paying a premium for. You're paying to play which is good but if you don't understand that concept you'll continue to make Daily Funder posts about "bad lead companies". Trial and error - keep trying until you find your solid source. Even once you find the solid source, "your data" will be called by others. Like the others said - create your own leads.. however if $2700 stings when you lose it you're definitely not cut out for this.. Now where can I send my invoice for the info
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  • Yankeeman07's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:58 AM
    Moral of the story is to establish your own in-house lead funnel - Takes time & effort but if you are in the funding business for the long-term, that is your answer.
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  • Steven_O's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:41 AM
    Micah, dude... you really are the man. Like big brother. You need an "Ask Micah" page. All the answerrrs! :)
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  • Steven_O's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:37 AM
    ...lo barato cuesta caro, since there are South Florida heads in this thread.
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  • Steve Harper's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:20 AM
    when you pay for exclusive leads and they happen to be backdoor leads from super high risk lenders declined leads thats a issue
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